Tuesday, January 20, 2009

More Delhi

Well we did a bit of sightseeing around Delhi. We saw the Red Fort, Jama Masjid Mosque, Humayun's Tomb and a few other attractions.
Here are a quick few photo's of some of what we saw. The architecture and just the grand scale of some of the monuments is amazing.

We got to experience some sense of Indian life too by passing through some markets and bazaars. I don't think Indian people actually visit shops. Everything you could possibly want is available on the side of the street - hair cutting, face shaving, shoemaking and repairs, key cutting (with a hammer and chisel), furniture making (from scratch by hand). It seems that this is how things are done here. There are restaurants similar to what we'd have at home but the authentic Indian ones are just like shacks on the side of the street with someone cooking in a giant wok type thing over a gas fire/stove and inside there might be a few chairs and benches around a table or two. It's all just so vastly different but amazing to see how they can get by without all the modern conveniences we have.
I'll try to upload some photos of the 'street life' here if I can get some time. Internet cafes are few and far between.

We're were in Haridwar to see the Ganges too. It's up North so a lot closer to the source of the river in the Himalayas. It seems quite clean and lots of people are bathing in it but we just dipped our toes.
Saw the Taj Mahal today. Pictures to follow shortly hopefully.
That's about all really,
Jan & Paul

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  1. jan,
    it all sounds so exciting.
    will be tuning in regularly to see what ye are getting up to!
    the pics are fab!!